Events and recreational opportunities in Siófok, all year round

Siófok offers programmes all year round – you can explore the shores of Balaton and the town not just in the summer season, but also in the warm sunshine of autumn, and the freezing cold of winter.

Siófok Events


Water Tower Festival

The Water Tower Festival is held on the last weekend of June in Siófok every year, when the locals celebrate the Water Tower, one of the iconic buildings of the town. It is an all-weekend event on Siófok’s Main Square, with nice summer-night concerts and the usual family activities in focus. Visitors of the festival not only have the chance to taste the culinary specialties of local restaurants, but also to browse through a variety of artisan goods, enjoying the atmosphere of a real fair.

New Orleans Jazz Festival Siófok

The New Orleans Jazz Festival Siófok is held every summer and has by now become one of the most prestigious music events of Hungary that is fully dedicated to jazz. The festival is generally centred around Main Square, with the best musicians and bands of the Hungarian jazz scene in the line-up, while of course it regularly features international artists as well. Although it is first and foremost a music event, other cultural, culinary and family activities are also featured in its programme.

Feast of Bread and Wine

The Feast of Bread and Wine is part of the series of events related to 20th August (an important date in the Hungarian calendar) as one of the biggest summer festivals of the Balaton region, with a main focus on gastronomy. But that’s not all, as it also includes a variety of cultural programmes and family activities, live music, a craft fair and festivities such as blessing the New Bread or selecting the wine of the city.

Siófok Fish Festival

The Siófok Fish Festival takes place every October in the Capital of Balaton, offering a variety of programmes and activities on Main Square to locals and tourists alike. In the centre of the festival are fish-related culinary events and activities: cooking contests, specialties, presentations, lectures and diverse cultural programmes and family activities, all this accompanied by live music.

Summer Nights in Siófok

“Summer Nights in Siófok” is one of the most diverse programme series of the town, featuring numerous exhibitions, events, family, children and adult programmes, movie screenings and theatre shows. The aim of the programme series is to provide a variety of events throughout the summer, or at least every weekend of the high season, often including weekdays. Summer Nights in Siófok runs from mid-June to the end of August.

Musical Moments at the Coffee House

The Kálmán Imre Cultural Centre has brought together its all-year-round regular events under the title Musical Moments at the Coffee House. While it hosts a number of returning performers and recurring shows and exhibitions, the programme series is mostly marked by innovation and renewal. Musical Moments at the Coffee House was created in order to provide a diverse selection of music events to visitors and locals and features a wide range of popular music performers in KICC’s Teátrum Coffee House all year round.

National Day of Hungarian Culture in Siófok

Like most Hungarian holidays, the National Day of Hungarian Culture is also celebrated in the Capital of Balaton every year. Held on 22nd January every year, the students and literary experts of Siófok pay their respects to Ferenc Kölcsey, his poem that serves as the national anthem of Hungary (“Hymnus”), and to Hungarian culture in general. The event is held at the Siófoki Szakképzési Centrum Krúdy Gyula Szakképző Iskola vocational training school every year.

New Year’s Gala Concert

Although every city rings the old year out in a proper way, Siófok is almost the only one that also rings in the new year, with the New Year’s Gala Concert among others. The event always features the most prestigious Hungarian performers: locals and visitors are entertained by companies such as the Budapest Operetta Theatre, the Hungarian Dance Academy and the Vác Symphony Orchestra.

Siófok Rabbit Race

This Easter-related event is a rich, fun family programme with a focus on sports and exercise, and it is all about Easter and the bunnies of course.

SPURI Balaton Super Marathon

The SPURI Balaton Super Marathon programme series is held every March and is a great opportunity for anyone who likes to run to jog around the Hungarian Sea. Every year more and more professional and amateur runners register, so we can safely say that thousands of people have already run around Lake Balaton in this event, and the organisers are expecting heaps of new and returning runners joining this year to enjoy the diverse programme, the good company and the recurring challenge.

Siófok Spring Festival

Every spring the locals and the people visiting the town celebrate the end of winter and the rebirth of nature with a special series of events, which they refer to as the Siófok Spring Festival instead of calling it carnival. The programme series is hosted by the Kálmán Imre Cultural Centre and lasts over two weeks, featuring concerts, performances, parades, exhibitions, culinary events, fun family and children’s programmes, as well as concerts and theatrical performances in this spring festival.

Samsara Festival

Every year, Samsara Festival is organised as a separate event in the Töreki district of Siófok, with Eastern culture, yoga and related activities at its centre. Ancient practices, alternative medicine, meditation, philosophy, but even dance, gymnastics, aerobic sessions, concerts, DJs from all around the world, and most importantly, workshops and séances await the visitors of the festival. All this in the company of world-famous doctors, gurus, healers, shamans, psychologists and life coaches, in good company.

Siófok Santa Claus Race

At the Santa Claus Race you can decide whether to dress up as Santa or not – young and old, professionals and amateurs can all run in this special race, for the pure pleasure of running, as well as the lively atmosphere and diverse programmes that accompany the race.

Valentine’s Day at the Siófok Water Tower

The people of Siófok celebrate the day of love every year with smaller or bigger events, and they do so in the Water Tower, that is considered a major feature, if not the symbol of the town. The event takes place on Valentine’s Day every year, and as a part of it, everything is about love and lovers for an entire day. Couples wishing to spend some romantic time together can not only have a stroll on Main Square, but they can also send off helium balloons with their wishes relevant to the event or their love from the observation terrace of the Water Tower.

Tour de Pelso

One of the biggest bicycle races of the Balaton region, Tour de Pelso, in contrast with Tour de France, welcomes not only the professional elite, but also beginners and amateurs. So, anyone feeling the need to cycle around Lake Balaton can do so at Tour de Pelso in a helpful and welcoming company (indeed, it has become a real community, growing year by year), while also gaining a life-long experience.


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